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Alexey Kashin Директор
Denis Gerasimov

The company was founded in 2006 under the SpaceStructure brand. Till 2013 the firm was known as "GlasStone". During this period the brand became famous in Russia and abroad. A lot of projects were implemented and we obtained a great experience in design, production and construction. Now we are expanding the production and we are looking for a new fields of application of our experience.

Elena Prokopenko Менеджер
Alexey Luft Главный конструктор
Denis Lysenkov Начальник монтажа
Danil Prudnikov Директор по развитию
Dmitriy Grishkov Менеджер
Alexander Averin руководитель проектов в Москве
Renat Nurmuhametov Системный администратор
Vyacheslav Shelopugin Конструктор
Alexander Morozov Конструктор
Mironenko German Главный технолог
Anna Desyatnichenko Архитектор-Конструктор
Anna Frolova Архитектор-Конструктор
Galina Soboleva Архитектор-Конструктор
Victoria Shmakova Архитектор-Конструктор


SpaceStructure is a self-bearing mesh designs, with unique physicomechanical characteristics, consisted of steel (or aluminum) rod and nodal elements. SpaceStructure allows create the most difficult construction easily. Due to great accuracy of knots of connections and installation, design reliability and durability increases. Accuracy in design is the key characteristic of the company. Highly qualified specialists of the SpaceStructure company has successful experience in design, production and installation of objects for the individual orders with developing special design if it is required. We suggest development of individual designs as well as a number of standard constructive solutions, with ready project documentation. The company takes part in development of large-scale projects. Production of structural farms of SpaceStructure takes into account all existing requirements for quality and design, and meets modern technological requirements. All the constructions passed certification tests in research laboratory (ROSS RU.CG43.N01674, RSS RU.SL43.N00032), are patented and entered in the state register of the Russian Federation (No. 72708).